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F TTH brings fiber optics directly to homes/buildings, while a similar technology, fiber-to-the-node (FTTN), brings the fiber optics to a community and then connects the fiber optics to the homes with a traditional copper cable. In the past, consumer telecom networks had a high-speed backbone with lower speed cables running to users' homes and offices. The high-speed backbones were able to carry the combined capacity of all the users, but the infrastructure running to the users severely limited the speed and bandwidth available to consumers. FTTH allows for much larger bandwidth and much faster delivery speeds, which are essential for modern "triple-play" deliveries in which access providers offer video, data, and telephony services. It also requires the installation of new transmission, wiring, and receiving infrastructure.

Setting the new pace for the broadband internet access race, DDC is ready to offer to its valued customers a highest reliable internet speed which would be first time ever being done by any service provider in the National capital regieon of India, New Delhi. What is more is its unmatched lowest service rates and its doesn't yet stop over here, if bundle up with either digital or IPTV services .

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